Dental Implant

What is a dental implant?

The dental implant is a surgery in which artificial teeth are implanted into the jawbone to restore the missing oral functions and to provide a beautiful smile.

What is the importance of dental implants?

The dental implant is important since it gives a beautiful and attractive smile; In case of losing one of the front teeth, or if the patient wants to have a dental bridge then dental implants would be the perfect alternative that gives a nice facing and appearance, free of distortion, curvature or fractions through implants in the posterior portion and avoiding some problems like cheek slouch or bone resorption.

Essential factors of implants success:
  1. Choosing and evaluating the patient that has been diagnosed in advance by tests like CT scan, oral preview, sample test...etc.
  2. Processing surgical technique leads to the minimal level of shocks and the minimal level of infections.
  3. Preparing the prosthodontics of the superstructure avoids the minimal level of pressure on the implants’ supportive bone and the lateral stress.
  4. Post-surgery sterilization.
  5. The continuous review by a professional team.
How is the implant applied?

The implanting therapy is considered as the best facial and functional solution in comparison to other therapies, in addition, it’s not a difficult procedure as some people think; the therapy begins using the local anesthetization -although sometimes the general anesthetization can be used in rare cases- then the dentists implant implants in the jawbone with a simple surgical procedure. The patient may feel pain or the portion may be swollen in very rare cases, and most times these symptoms are absent.

The therapy may take 3 months to osseointegration. However, it may be longer in some cases like insufficiency of the jaw bone, the implanted teeth would seem so real if the patient had bone thickening surgery which has many ways to be applied taking bone grafting as an example.

What are the benefits of dental implants?

Thanks to the dental implants, people who lost some of their teeth for any reason would have new teeth with approximately the same features; where the patient can get very good results with the applied procedures to replace the missing teeth, the new teeth can be used safely and without any problems for many coming years.

Is implant harmful to your body?

The implants are composed of a material called ‘titanium’ which is completely consonant with the body tissues and doesn’t cause any allergies or complications later.

Can any patient get dental implant therapy?

The bone structure should be suitable for dental implants; where the implants have specific height and width, those conditions should sufficiently exist in the patient who wants to implant to support the implant, where the suitability of the patient's bone affects positively the success of the therapy. If the patient’s bone is insufficient, then some techniques can be used like orthopedic injection and soft tissue transplantation to thicken the bone and make the bone structure suitable for implant.

There is no limited age to get dental implants as long as the patient is healthy and doesn’t suffer from any health-related problems. The risks conjugated by the surgery are so few, even absent.

Some risks can be occurred as a result of previous cases like untreated infections after getting the implant surgery.

How is the implant surgery success be ensured?

Dental implant surgery depends on the long-term intensive oral care, and following the self-care program that the dentist gave; the routine reviews should not be ignored to control your care program in periods the dentist determines.

What is the period needed to obtain the implant surgery?

After applying the implants, the patient should wait 3-6 months till full recovery, the patient then uses temporary teeth.

The next step would be to take the implants’ measurement inside the mouth, then the new teeth are produced with the suitable shape and color. When the new dental prosthesis is ready the patient can try it for a while then if it was acceptable the final apply would be done.

When do the implants expire?

Reports show that using rate started from implanting implants inside the jaw raised up to 90% and could be till 100% with taking care of mouth health, reviews control, and professional help.

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